Knowing the walking times

Knowing the walking times :

The walking times indicated on this site, as well as on the signposting that you will find throughout the Tour du Mont-Blanc, are actual walking times.

This means that they do not take into account breaks or meal times.

These are "average" walking times which can be respected by anyone who walks "normally", is in good health and walks regularly.

It is however very important to note that the weight of the rucksack is an essential factor in the possibility - or not - to respect these times.

It is up to each person to estimate his or her own weight in relation to the criteria usually recognised as a basis for calculation, and thus to know how to modulate his or her own walking time forecasts.


The times are calculated as follows:

On the way up: gain of 300 metres of ascent per hour

On the way down: loss of 450 metres of ascent per hour.

(This figure can nevertheless reach 500 metres of ascent per hour on easy terrain, off mountain trails)

On reasonably "flat" sections: 3.5 Kilometres of distance per hour on trails.

(This figure can be as high as 4 to 4.2 kilometres per hour on easy terrain, such as a carriageway or a stretch of road).


Plan ahead, be within your maximum capacity, and allow yourself a safety margin in case of unforeseen circumstances.

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