F.A.Q. Frequently asked questions !


Tour du Pays du Mont-Blanc



By "refuge" we mean any accommodation that can be booked on this site "monrefugepaysdumontblanc.com".


You have contacted the Association des Gardiens de Refuges et Gîtes du Tour du Pays du Mont-Blanc.

This is an Association for all mountain refuges and refuges and gîtes keepers.

We are NOT a travel agency.

Every booking you make is immediately and individually transferred to each hut.

The Association does not keep any records and the transaction number cannot be used to trace your reservations.

The reference mentioned only corresponds to the small sum of 2€ which is kept for administrative costs, including the maintenance of the website, and the production of various promotional documents.

If you require further information, please state your name, the date(s) of booking and the hut(s) involved.


I have made a mistake in my booking date and/or I would like to change it:

It is possible to change your booking, and this must be done ONLY and DIRECTLY with the hut concerned. Only they will be able to modify their schedule according to your request. The refuge must acknowledge receipt of your request to ensure that it is taken into account.


I wish to cancel my booking:


You have taken out "trip cancellation and interruption" insurance:

You must first contact your insurer, being certain that the reason for the cancellation is in the clauses subscribed to.

If this is the case, the insurance company can reimburse you for the deposit paid, less 5%.


You do not have insurance or your situation is not taken into account:

You must contact the refuge directly.

1) The cancellation occurs more than 31 days before the theoretical date for which you have booked:

=> the refuge must reimburse you within 90 days the amount of the deposit paid up to 80%, as stipulated in the cancellation conditions visible on the site.


=> https://www.monrefugepaysdumontblanc.com/uk/il4-paysdumontblanc_p32-cancellation-policy.aspx


2) The cancellation is made less than 30 days before the theoretical date for which you have booked:

 => no refund is made.


Nota Bene : If an insurance policy has been taken out, the refuge will not pay out any money until the insurer has certified that it will not be reimbursed.


I have booked huts but have not received any confirmation:

If the bookings were made after payment of the deposit, you should have received immediate confirmation by email from each hut you booked.

This is sent automatically. If you have not received it, your reservation may not have been made.

Could the confirmation email be in your SPAM?

Have you paid a deposit for this refuge?

Do you have the corresponding debit on your bank account?

You can either download the complete road-book or print it out from your shopping cart once the deposit has been paid.


I would like to book a hut that is not visible on the "monrefugepaysdumontblanc.com" website:

Only the refuges belonging to the Association des Refuges et Gîtes du Tour du Pays du Mont-Blanc can be booked online and by internet.

For any other hut, you must contact the hut concerned DIRECTLY and PERSONALLY.


I want to do the Tour du Pays du Mont-Blanc with my dog:

This is possible but there are several things to think about, but you really need to :

> check with each refuge if they accept the dog

> Have your own food for the dog

> think that you will cross the Nature Reserves and that dogs are forbidden. This concerns Les Contamines-Montjoie and the Chamonix Valley, so a large part of the route.

> that there are flocks of sheep of several hundred animals and that there will be other dogs for protection (against the wolf) and work (for the work of the shepherd) and that this poses a real problem of cohabitation (possible fights...?)

> that cable cars do not usually accept dogs


Finally, think about protecting or caring for the paws (pads) because the stones on the paths can hurt after several consecutive days of walking.


The TMB with a dog is therefore not the easiest and requires real attention and a very good organisation.


I want to book for next summer:

Reservations for the summer of 2024 will be open for all refuges as of November 1st 2023.



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